win-psycopg is a Windows port of the psycopg python-postgresql database interface

Version: 2.6.2

Last Updated: 07/07/2016

Packager: Jason Erickson []

License: Same as Psycopg2, GNU Lesser General Public License

Master Project Links:

Requirments: Python and a PostgreSQL database to connect up to

This windows version of psycopg2 is built using static libraries of the following packages:



Travis Krause has provided pip packages of the Windows builds available at:


Release Files

x86 Release
(for x86 versions of Python)
64 bit (AMD64/EM64T/x64) Release
(for 64 bit versions of Python)
Python 2.6 psycopg2-2.6.2.win32-py2.6-pg9.5.3-release.exe
Python 2.7 psycopg2-2.6.2.win32-py2.7-pg9.5.3-release.exe
Python 3.2 psycopg2-2.6.2.win32-py3.2-pg9.5.3-release.exe
Python 3.3 psycopg2-2.6.2.win32-py3.3-pg9.5.3-release.exe
Python 3.4 psycopg2-2.6.2.win32-py3.4-pg9.5.3-release.exe
Python 3.5 psycopg2-2.6.2.win32-py3.5-pg9.5.3-release.exe
Python 3.6 psycopg2-2.6.2.win32-py3.6-pg9.6.1-release.exe Package unavailable until Python 3.6.1


Virtual Environment Installation Notes

Method 1

Do not double-click the package to run. Instead, use easy_install from either setuptools or distribute. Assuming the installer is downloaded to C:\ and the virtual environment is in C:\virtualenv, the command would look something like:

C:\> C:\virtualenv\Scripts\activate.bat
(virtualenv) C:\> easy_install psycopg2-2.6.2.win32-py2.7-pg9.5.3-release.exe

Method 2

The same method as mentioned below with Zope can be used to extract the binaries and place them in the <venv_dir>\Lib\site-packages\ directory.


Zope Note

It has been noted that the the installers for psycopg2 will not find the zope installation of python, stop the installation, and not installing psycopg2. A work around is to extract the files from the installer using a zip extractor (such as 7z/WinZip/PkZip) and extract the psycopg2 folder and place it at <zope_dir>\lib\python. I do not use Zope, so I will not be able to provide support or instructions on how to use it. Let me know if it does not work or you have a better method.



Previous 2.x Releases